Elect Rita Gale Cruise
for NC House 2020
Growing & Nurturing Our NC Communities

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Meet Rita

She grew up on a small farm in rural Virginia. Rita came to Piedmont NC and began working in clinical labs. She has spent her life’s work in not for profits and being a
community voice for people. She lives in Quaker Gap Community of Stokes County.

Rita owns Jessees Garden and Farms, a 200-year old sustainable practice farm in Quaker Gap, NC and sustainable forest in Patrick County, Va. She has 30 years in leadership positions not for profit sector.

Join Rita today! And together we’ll grow our stronger and more viable communities together on this little patch of the earth called Rural North Carolina!

Growing Rural and Small Town NC

Rural Education





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We need community schools that have good teachers and administrators. Better schools bring more money to our local economies and a tax base for continued educational support.

Rural HealthCare





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Access to and affordability of healthcare is key for rural NC and its citizens for a strong quality of life. A rural incentives program could use healthcare incentives to recruit talent to rural NC and build more local facilities.

Rural Economy





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We need public service incentives and jobs programs for rural NC communities to strengthen our rural economies by home growing and keeping our rural workforce.

Rural Environments





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Sustainable rural community planning is key for clean water & conservation, land use, and air quality, and overall environmental health of community.